Help Me Do Less Work: Join the Homicidols Team

Hey gang,

I’m doing this a little bit out of order, but stuff’s happening out in the world that makes this the timelier of the two updates that I want to share out.

You may recall that I mentioned wanting to recruit some folks to help out around here; not only do I need to spend more time on Day Job and Actual Personal Life, but Phase II (more tomorrow) is going to require more skill and energy than I have as one person.

I don’t want to write out all of the particulars here because what I’ll actually ask folks to contribute in each case is largely dependent on how many people are willing to help, and in which ways, but I’ll include just a little bit of detail.

I need help with:

  • Writing! Specifically looking for at least one regular contributor (posting roughly daily, as it were).
  • Research! If you’re good at search and have a motivation to find obscure information, or tend to buy a lot of physical media and can read Japanese, please help. FWIW, this is partly to update, expand and grow the idol profiles AND to work up a lyrical database, the former more important than the latter.
  • Translation! This would be everything from lyrics to interviews to cryptic tweets by idol managers.
  • Art! Some resizing and cropping and bannering (boring), but more creative pursuits, too. You may have noticed that my art is bad.
  • And this is probably really wishful thinking, but code help, specifically WordPress or PHP in general.

As I mentioned, I have a much better idea of what it is that I’d like to accomplish rather than well-defined “jobs,” though I should know specifically what to ask for once I know who might be willing to help out where. Oh, and your reward? THE PRIDE YOU’LL FEEL IN A JOB WELL DONE.

If you’re interested in any of the above OR even if you want to pitch something, write me here.

6 thoughts on “Help Me Do Less Work: Join the Homicidols Team

  1. I don’t think I can help the way you need, I supposed to be posting for BABYMETAL which I have been slacking on. I was wanting to write a FruitPochette interview for Scream~Unlash. I am waiting to get the hardcopy first tho, There is a looming question I hope that will clear up before I finish and post.

    I will send that your way, after I get from my friend. I have listened to it a bit tho, and it is amazing!

  2. I can’t volunteer to be a *daily contributor* because of Real Life™ (such as it is) but feel free to shoot me any PHP/Wordpress/technical questions that come up.

    Usually I dutifully monitor youtube/twitter/instagram (they say pictures are worth 999 auto-translated words), and then drop any observations into whichever forum thread or comments section seems most applicable. I’m happy to tip off any editor(s) on this site if I discover something cool in my travels. But I hope your squad of nu-Idol journalists also lurk around H-O and JPS’ message boards! Besides this site, they’re the two best places I’ve found to get regular updates on that kinda stuff, and if a blog could aggregate and interpret all of that in one place… well, I don’t wanna say you’d be unstoppable, but…

  3. Sorry… I know a lot of the Japanese words than Google. But I will not be allocated a time for research and/or translation in everyday life.
    That said, I have wanted to continue to cooperate in the future.

  4. Research, well that is my game (I think you knew), unfortunately my Japanese language knowledge is lacking severely. If you have no other option, I will do what I can. On the graphics side, well, you saw my “portfolio”, at least I think I sent it to you. If you don’t need it on the fly I can probably work up some things for you. Let me know.

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