Short Posts for Short (Teaser) Tracks with mishmash

Ah, mishmash, the kind of pun-ready, merry-marking idol group that I’d have to invent from the innate substance of the universe if they didn’t already exist, so perfectly they fit into their niche as they do. Yes, one of 2018’s top debutantes, and one yet to fail to make good on that reputation with any release. Bully on them, then, to keep clips of tracks flowing onto Soundcloud, which has inexplicably emerged as the best resource for new idol stuff short of an international CD service. The latest entry:

… which is part of a long stream now of similarly lengthed teasers, all of them in a differing style as befits the group’s MO, as only shown once in the Weekender but truly worth giving a spin overall. One would think that this would be a build toward an album, but, near as I can tell, it is not; it’s just for their upcoming one-man!

For which they’re additionally doing some kind of countdown of shows, which in my mind is exactly how you should tour in preparation for a big event and not enough artists, let alone idols on their own personal Roads to Budokan, do:

Be there!