Oyasumi Hologram Releases Album and Video, Makes Maniac Make Decisions

I always feel badly for not giving enough attention to Oyasumi Hologram, who are as game-changing of idols as its gets but who, like some others that I personally like a whole lot, are really best fits on the Sister Site That Come On You’re Never Actually Going to Do It Shut Up You Jerk.

Here’s the MV to accompany the release of their album, 2.

That’s a nice song. And really, you should take it as an invitation to explore their alt-rock-meets-dance-meets-idol sound a little and make up your own mind. They are rather notorious for their live shows.

Here’s a good example of why they’re kind of a big deal, just in general, and you can get a taste of that live experience:

Basically, the number of fucks that they actually give is negative.

8 thoughts on “Oyasumi Hologram Releases Album and Video, Makes Maniac Make Decisions

  1. I’m kinda curious where you draw the line between a group like this and a group like Screamin’ 60s…is it because the band in SS has a different name itself?

      • [Like previous translations, my notes are in square brackets]
        “A comment? feeling? about the Corenament.
        Why am I the champion!
        But, if eoglcfophd91 requested assistance and Hayaken[?] didn’t spread the word, I wouldn’t have known [about the Corenament], and therefore everyone are MVPs together!”

        Sounds like they are thanking you and someone named Hayaken and wanting to share that MVP title.
        Also, I’m really unsure that that is the leader of the Armor Girl’s Twitter…because this account exists as well: https://twitter.com/hinako_kuroki

        • Thank you my friend. hayakawa kenta was/is my youtube connection. I dropped the link on one of his KJ videos prior to round 2. He obviously picked up the ball and ran with it beyond my abilities, as I am not on twitter. By the way, hinako_kuroki is center position in Armor Girls. Thank you again for your help, you are a valuable asset to this site. Please never leave us!!

          • Yeah, center, oops (^^ゞ
            Don’t worry! I’m sure I’ll get even more involved in the site when I actually have something to contribute, like concert photos or maybe even interviews or something!

    • I got ’em both as duos that occasionally hit the stage with bands, personally. Screaming 60s probably has an even harder time in a strict interpretation of the rules, what with Kai playing the guitar herself sometimes.

        • **From the above post, if I remember correctly, you will be in JP by July? If you ever find yourself near Akiba I would be willing to bet that if you let it be known that you are a rep for this site, one of the Corenament Champ Masked Girls would be thrilled to chat with you. They were quite pleased with the western exposure.If you could make that happen or any other Idols we admire, you will achieve legendary status.

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