100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 82: Advice

Usually, when members of Not Secured, Loose Ends do the whole reply-via-RT thing with fans, it’s Komachi showing off just how … unique her brain is. But here, very importantly, is what I believe to be Shidare explaining to a fan who to do the whole crowd-surfing thing, or at the very least stay safe at a live:

Or I’m really wrong, which happens!

The concern, of course, is about attending the sure-to-be-raucous show at Shibuya eggman tomorrow, for which the members are preparing:

Here’s Co-cubed daydreaming about flying cats:

This tweet had better be about why Tsuyame eats cupcakes with a fork like some kind of weirdo:

And speaking of weirdos, Komachi must be deep in thought or something. I don’t like when she doesn’t tweet, because she’s hard enough to figure out under normal circumstances, and the possibility that her brain is preparing something dangerous is all too high when she goes off-grid.