Payrin’s Blessed Us with Double Video Love Today

Payrin’s! Talk about something that I just plain don’t get to post about enough. If you’d asked me a couple of years ago if that would be the case, I’d call you a silly billy and tweak your nose and laugh heartily, for of course this thing that I liked right from the get-go would be something that would be super active and all over the site. And brother, would I have been wrong!

It’s all good. I take my Paryin’s when I can get it, and today is one of those days. It’s not clear what the occasion is, but I’ll never turn down fresh video from a group that I keep on permanent blast just in case they do something cool and good, in this case a double live shot from December’s year-ending one-man:

I never really know what to do or how to treat with Payrin’s. Going all the way back to when they were a sneaky late addition to 2016’s debut class, they’ve been this kind of ghost entity, for the most part active in the scene and supported well enough that any time that there’s occasion to post about them, a Payrin’s wota steps out of the shadows and is like “Hey, and also this bit of info that you didn’t know” and I whiplash around like, oh neat, good to see you, but at the same time they make precious few releases and, as a look at their YouTube channel will attest, aren’t inclined to share a ton of stuff from their lives online. Hence, as a casual observer, you sort of mark out their progression in terms of what you can remember between iterations.

In this case, I’m impressed at the stylistic decisions, especially that first quasi-proggy joint. And this goes right back to the first comment, that Payrin’s is hard to know well, because I thought, isn’t that a new thing for them, and the answer came back, friend, what do you even know anymore about what Payrin’s sounds like? Fair enough! If you’re new to them, which is to say “if you are either experiencing them for the first time or the first time in a while like most everybody else,” you can consider this right here to be what Payrin’s sounds like, and you can make your own up-or-down decisions based on that.