Oshi Digest #7 (also New Necroma Single!)

This week’s Oshi Digest was held up for two days to both suitably honor the LIQUIDROOM one-man tour closer and also to give some breathing room to the “ABHOTH” MV; love them though I do, I don’t want to accidental my way into becoming NecronomiBlog

I think the LIQUIDROOM show went pretty well, you guys — Twitter is littered with messages from other idols to the Darkness Girls, and I can’t wait for the inevitable cut of video footage. Look at this:

And, as was foretold from the blood of infants spilled under a new moon, a new NECRONOMIDOL single will be upon us before the end of the year:

They debuted the song yesterday; I do not feel like waiting until December!

This is, however, Oshi Digest, so we must focus our attentions on Sari.

What passes as solo work for Oshi will include that weird modeling thing with TRASH-UP!! and some kind of dance appearance(?):

Oshi enjoys kana cookies:

Oshi appreciates the arts:

Oshi collects cheki of herself:

Which is difficult, as her image fades from most photographs after a few minutes

Oshi has friends and admirers:

Oshi has a side gig as the world’s darkest electrical subcontractor:

Don’t deny Oshi; she’s coming for you!