Oshi Digest #44: Friends

The Oshi Digest is henceforth moving to Mondays for any of a number of reasons, but mind your business anyway!

As recounted in the last Oshi Digest, our Official Oshimen of Homicidols.com, Saki of 2&, sure does seem to have a lot of idol friends out there, and she likes to take photos with them. Here’s a whole mess of them!

And with NoA!

That’s what being Queen of the Scene is all about, actually — it’s not about being the boss, but being respected and appreciated. Saki clearly has that in spades, and so naturally needs to complain of her own occasional dim-bulb-ed-ness:

Also, while there isn’t a ton to go on, it sounds like Saki had a good time at mistFES in Nagoya, right up to meeting … even more friends!

This Week’s Get-to-Know-You MV

From back when 2& actually had two members!