Oshi Digest #43: Road Trip

Our diminutive hero of a new Official Oshimen, Saki of 2&, is hitting the road. No, her first performances in the West are officially done, and she’s back in Japan (read her impressions!). Instead:

Nagoya! Whatever for?

Mistfes! Yes, mistress’s inexplicably ginormous idol festival (more on that soon) will be including Saki among the extensive selection of idols performing over the weekend. She got in at least one other show while she was there (smart), too.

I’m learning that Saki is a person who delights in expressing the mundane in ways that (undoubtedly because she’s an idol and doing it in another language) would make the Olds all shake their heads about this newfangled Social Media Thing. Frankly, it’s delightful:

Yes, Saki, we know.


For those who are unfamiliar with the charms of Saki and 2&, I thought I’d include some video in the earlier goings of her tenure as Oshi. Enjoy!

Saki Friends Bonus!

I don’t know for sure, but I think that Oshi may have an oshi of her own. Fellow solo ex-Daichi idol Hoshina Fumimi, who is good and cool, is with Saki quite a bit of the time:

And it’s always good to see Fumimi.

It’s also always good to see mikicco, who I will stress does not get enough attention, period, but really does deserve it. Our Oshi supports other emerging talents!