Oshi Digest #17: Hierophany

You guys. I’m going to meet Oshi, formerly live and in undead person, in just over a week. I’d express excitement, but she may punish me additionally for it, and I’d prefer to enjoy the experience through normal human feelings, not transliminal sensations that humans can’t adequately express in their crude languages. But still, pretty neat! And many of you are going to meet her beforehand, over the course of this next week. PREPARE.

Because you know that Oshi is:

Seen here pinpointing locations from which she must raise unspeakable extradimensional horrors from their millennia-old slumber

It’s neat to see Oshi prepare for her trip. Necroma’s going to lay waste to the West Coast, and to do so, they need to don the garb of normal people, all the better for their assault to come as a delightful surprise.

💚🍇REAL🍇💚 #ファンからの頂きもの♡

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Just imagine — we’re going to get to experience this:

Well, not the last one

Get hype. Also make sure that your loved ones know about your life insurance, AD&D (especially the dismemberment part) and where to find your will.

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