One Year Later, Sari Is Still Worth Getting Excited About

Today, it’s been exactly a year and two months since Sari and Hina graduated from NECRONOMIDOL. Which makes the release of Sari’s debut single and music video this weekend feel all that more significant.

I already wrote a little thing about the title track when the demo first came out so go check that out.  

Compared to kyusai, I’d say that while kyusai left the biggest impression on me, mawaru is the more auspicious of the two tracks, and a suitable introductory song for anyone not familiar with Sari or her past work. Which makes sense that its the first track on the single, and the one that got a music video. Its a very soothing track, while still being memorable enough to keep wanting to come back to. Listening to these two songs back-to-back provides a really adept example of Sari’s range.

When Sari first graduated from NECRONOMIDOL over a year ago, I was devastated but also, excited to see what she’d do next. And now I know, this past year has been worth the wait and I’m even more excited to see what she gets up to this next year.

Long story short, listen to kyusai, here’s where you can buy and stream it:

She’s not an idol anymore, but I think Sari belongs on the wall of fame as a Homicidol Legend, right?