Nishikane Girls Are Loud and Good

What are friends for, anyway, if not constant referrals to cool new idol stuff?

In this case, Char T Saki, Alice Project fan extraordinaire and MVP of the original Corenament, quite excitedly shared this the other day. I was pleased that that happened!

The Song of Nikishane Princeroad

That’s Nishikanazawa Girls (Twitter), or Nishikane Girls if you’re into the whole levity thing. They’re part of Nishikane Project, or maybe the only thing, I don’t know, the website is actually clear as mud on the issue, but it’s another one of those we-exist-to-promote-this-local-thing things, which I have to admit that I love about idol; my country forgot how to do local except to be complete jerks about it.

Anyway! They’re new. How new? So new that their YouTube channel begins with that “TSONP” video and ends with, well, a string of little idol videos, nothing more than a few days old. IT’S LIKE WATCHING CHILDBIRTH YOU GUYS, WHICH YEAH IS GROSS BUT ALSO BEAUTIFUL.

I dig the song, and local promo units tend to have some legs, so good. Keep doing that, Nishikane.

3 thoughts on “Nishikane Girls Are Loud and Good

  1. Thanks Maniac.
    I don’t know what they plan to do in the future; keep on the same line, become a regular idol, or are only one song.

    Nishikane Girls consist of several units belonging to Nishikane Project.
    Omote-Kaho who is the center was formerly nIo (of Oyayubi Princess), but disbanded at the end of last year. She is currently doing solo activities.
    The glasses girl on the right was my acquaintance before becoming an idol.

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