100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 57: Subtext

Good news, everyone! The Codomomental family has another everybody-gets-together get-together coming up in a couple of weeks. Girls only, though; sorry, Gauche.

All well and good, but have you seen what Shidare’s been tweeting?

For instance:

Yeah, sure, it’s about how it’s so hot and this is how you cool down, whatever. But everything in the image came together for me — THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION OF ‘WHAT HAPPENED TO KICHI?’ IS ‘SHE IS IN SHIDARE’S STOMACH NOW’.

She followed that by taunting us:

The clock. 1:30. Or, that’s the time when she finished her diabolical act.

One might be moved to riot over such a thing, be it allegation or awful truth, but here’s the thing: Did Shida’s devouring of Kichi lead to a huge shift and movement forward for the Group That Would Become Known as Not Secured, Loose Ends? If she doesn’t commit cannibalism and then keep the glasses as a trophy, Tsuyame and Cococo probably never join, they probably never do the “Six Fall / Nietzsche” single and they almost definitely never go to Canada. Like, why do you think they re-recorded Antino MIdeology? THE MEMORY HOLE MUST BE DEEP AND IT MUST BE DARK.

So, maybe just cram your petty bourgeois moralism, buster, and try to minimize your revulsion as Shidare literally replicates the most ghoulish day of her life.

Speaking of the two newest members, they are in fact alive.

Komachi remains a living art project:

Until you bring up the severely repressed memories of the hand she played in poor Kichi’s demise: