New Avandoned MVs Always Make Me Smile

Professional Zooey Deschanel cosplayers Avandoned continue to be my personal guilty pleasure, in this case for popping out an MV that looks like a night of helpfully animated, musically themed adventure.

That’s actually their new single! “ヴぁんでぃっつ!!!,” which gets its release on Wednesday. Nice little punk flavor to their usually twee-to-death alt-pop rock. And if you can propose a good translation for that title (I asked Phillter, and he guessed “Bandits?”, which is at least a start!), I’m all ears.

I like to imagine that the three current members go on little adventures like this together, like, all the time, and they’re IRL best friends who enjoy nothing more than to tear around low-key urban nightscapes, getting into the kind of innocent mischief that only the true rapscallion can.

4 thoughts on “New Avandoned MVs Always Make Me Smile

  1. Man, that Trash Up Records Youtube account… Either they follow back everyone who follows them, or whoever runs it has some super eclectic taste. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone, actually

    • Trash Up is great. Never in my life had I owned a label’s shirt until they had them for sale at that Hijokaidan/Avandoned show. I was like, yes, I’ll buy that for $10. And they tried to talk me out of it! “No, that’s for the label, that’s not a band.” And I was like, I know, and why aren’t more of their clients here?

  2. I really didn’t expect to care for them after Yuta being kicked out … but this isn’t as terrible as I expected. Yuta was their it girl, to me anyway, so this is a pleasant surprise.

    • Finding out right after their U.S. dates that Yuta had been expelled just about floored me. Beni was the slow-stealer, but Yuta made that stage work and was such a unique performer.

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