Melon Batake a Go Go Went and Made It Halloween in July Because They Can


Stranger: I say old chap, what is that you’re watching?

Maniac: Oh, it’s just a music video from this J-pop thing that I like.

Stranger: By Jove, it looks like a horror movie!

Maniac: Yeah, and it’s this whole campy schlock thing, too. The song sounds like it would’ve cleaned up in 1965 as an unironic Halloween party theme song.

Stranger: /splutters in disbelief

Maniac: Look, the girls in the group, their whole thing is that they’re from outer space, and they’re also superheroes.

Given the raw enthusiasm of the response to them, I think it’s safe to say that Melon Batake a Go Go is certifiably one of the coolest things happening in idol right now. The dapper gentleman in the scene above, should he bear actual witness to Nakamura’s weird-ass art project, would no doubt pop out his monocle right into his soup! in overwrought shock. They’re that damn good.

We heard “Horror Billy Nights” a little while back, but, now that SICKxIDOLSxSICK is terrifyingly real, it’s time to render that sucker in video form. And what better way to do it than:

Please tell me that this is cut up from a feature film starring the Outer Space Idols, like that You’ll Melt More! thing with about the dead girl

What an incredible run we’re on right now — quantity is light, but quality is off the charts.