Oshi Digest #39: Image

Sung to the tune of “If You Have Ghosts”:

If you have Oshi, you’ll do anything:

Yes, friends, do it. To have Oshi in your midst at any time is as black a blessings as you can fathom.

Oshi and the rest of Necroma are preparing for their European sojourn.

If you were looking for photographic proof of Oshi’s powers:

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Oshi needs help orienting toward the seasons, though:

With all due apologies to the English among us (but with all due respect to the colonized among us), this is Oshi summing up my feelings toward the royal wedding:

Oshi, though, seems mostly to be interested in getting into the spirit:


Also, since last we spoke of her, Oshi has been importantly busy:


2 thoughts on “Oshi Digest #39: Image

  1. holy shit! Necronomidol comming to the Hague!! thats a bike ride from where i live. i wanted to fly over to the UK to see them, but this is cheaper, sadly its a damn anime con.. i missed Fripside there 2 years ago cause i really didnt want to go to an anime con.. maybe i’ll have to give in this time..

    • yoo never mind. just saw the dates, i’m in Copenhagen for K-town fest that weekend.
      holy shit of all days, its the one weekend this entire year i am not in the country.

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