Man, Killed in Sadness Sounds Awesome

This is a wacky little coincidence: Yesterday, while I was passing through Twitter for a minute, I spied a Killed in Sadness promo tweet for their upcoming second one-man, and thought that I’d ask Jul — arguably the Western world’s leading expert on PAC IDOL projects — if they’d shared out anything lately. That led to the discovery of the below.

At basically exactly the same time, Luis shared the exact same chunk of stuff in the alt-idol group.

That’s cool. We’re cool. We like cool stuff. And there’s even more cool stuff this morning!

Anyway, the whole point of this is to share Killed in Sadness, who (as if the intro weren’t fairly explicit on the question) are part of the PAC IDOL stable and indirectly carrying on the legacy of Lolisyn (way better than REBOOT ever did; hell, way better than Lolisyn’s former members not named Waka ever did). I got to talk about them all of once before, because, again, PAC IDOL.


That’s their song. Like, the title gives it away. The rest, though, they’re covers of old Lolisyn numbers. Or not; see Jul below.

But they sound good! That obviously doesn’t win anybody too many points in idol, but still. And Luis’s post has lyrics on it! I hope they’re able to do something with this and maybe take up some consciousness space. This is good stuff. All-time great name, too.

2 thoughts on “Man, Killed in Sadness Sounds Awesome

  1. Those other songs aren’t covers of old Lolisyn songs, those *are* the Lolisyn versions of the songs, which have all previously been released on CD. Killed In Sadness’s CD is meant to come out in August, and, last time they mentioned it, was meant to contain:

    『機械仕掛けの恋愛感情』 (original)
    『λήθη』 (original)
    『罪と罰』 (original – first track in the post above)
    『開花宣戦』 (Lolisyn 2nd gen song, previously available on soundcloud)
    『凶悪なるクロワッサン』 (Croissant, Lolisyn 1st gen song, available on their 1st single and Legende EP)

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