Man, Killed in Sadness Sounds Awesome

This is a wacky little coincidence: Yesterday, while I was passing through Twitter for a minute, I spied a Killed in Sadness promo tweet for their upcoming second one-man, and thought that I’d ask Jul — arguably the Western world’s leading expert on PAC IDOL projects — if they’d shared out anything lately. That led to the discovery of the below.

At basically exactly the same time, Luis shared the exact same chunk of stuff in the alt-idol group.

That’s cool. We’re cool. We like cool stuff. And there’s even more cool stuff this morning!

Anyway, the whole point of this is to share Killed in Sadness, who (as if the intro weren’t fairly explicit on the question) are part of the PAC IDOL stable and indirectly carrying on the legacy of Lolisyn (way better than REBOOT ever did; hell, way better than Lolisyn’s former members not named Waka ever did). I got to talk about them all of once before, because, again, PAC IDOL.

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I Wouldn’t Be Mad if There Were More Killed in Sadness Online

Courtesy of Jul’s feed comes another in the PAC IDOL stable, less a successor in fact than one in spirit of the now-defunct-but-kind-of-resurrected Lolisyn (who are now 564 REBOOT — new people, are you even paying attention?).

Killed in Sadness (or KISS as they like to be called in private so as to avoid massive lawsuits) aren’t brand new, but new enough that this is about as good as the video gets. Along with 564 REBOOT, they represent the heavy side of the PAC roster, though (and Jul in particular, feel free to correct this) I think both KISS members are in Princess Garden, and that’s fantastically incongruous.

The song is fine. I love, however, that Ayaka is using a fucking knife as an avatar for her idol group. Continue reading