I’m Doing Something Unprecedented: Getting Pre-excited about Maison Book Girl

When you’re Maison Book Girl, you announce new singles like this:

How cryptic! And with no sound, I can’t possibly snark on any slight rewrites of otherwise-familiar xylophone melodies. In fact, I’ll have to rely on the opinions of my friends — which, for the sake of argument, is you people — and say, “Maniac, go ahead and throw two years of history right out the window and believe that this is the Maison Book Girl release that you, Homicidol Maniac, will support in full on the off chance that it is loud and/or angry, rather than how you, IRL Maniac-Who-Is-Not-Maniac, are a total Coshotan fanboy and secretly love plural MBG releases so much that you’re allowing yourself to break with your own manufactured brand identity!”

Hell yes.

Here are the other details, which are far beyond my level of comprehension:

So yes, I’m turning over a new leaf: From now on, until proven otherwise, I will allow myself to get hype for Maison Book Girl and will cease talking junk on Maison Book Girl unless said previous junk-talking is objectively proven to still pertain, and even then I might play along for the sake of argument because why am I so full of myself.