Let’s Check in with 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san!!

Team Homicidols primarily lives on Twitter, so we have taken the latest banishment of 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san from the platform pretty hard.  For her part, Hanako-san is still dead and communicating through the medium of Instagram where she is now somehow crazy about Kamen Rider.


She also loves sea otters. Check it out!

It is rather odd to see her not wearing any red and not a strawberry in sight. But what else has our favorite 444-year old youkai been up to?

First of all, she is contributing to the upcoming angura-kei collaboration album, Shironuri Gekokujo ~ Shironuri Cover – Omnibus 2. On it, she will be covering the Dokusatsu Terrorist classic, “Kyofu! Shikoshiko-chu ni jishin!” In turn, DIE EIGHT SPRAY, which includes a couple former Dokusatsu Terrorist members, will be covering Hanako-san’s, “shiawasenayatsurazeninkorosu” (translation: “kill all the happy guys”).

The album will be released on October 10th by RED ISLAND RECORDS.  Distribution methods are to be announced.

To promote the new collaboration, Hanako-san is participating in a number of Twitcasting livestreams.  The first is this coming Thurdsay, September 17th (JST) on the Killer Manju cafe channel.


Two further Twitcasts will be taking place on October 3rd and 4th (JST). 

The broadcast on the 3rd is a talk and mini-live event. 

The livestream on the 4th will feature live performances by many of the contributors to Shironuri Gekokujo ~ Shironuri Cover – Omnibus 2 including Hanako-san. She will also join ozoma seeds and Ichirou  (former Dokusatsu Terrorist) for a performance booked as “False Dokusatsu Terrorist”.

So, it looks like Hanako-san has been a busy little ghost during her banishment.

Here’s some more details on the upcoming album: