Let Me Help You or a Friend Go See Necroma, Yanamyu and Hanako-san in the Godly Flesh

The East Meets West Music Fest! You know what it is — NECRONOMIDOL, Yanakoto Sotto Mute and Hanako-san, in Anaheim in a month’s time, joined by a mess of metal bands and not-from-Japan idols for a two-day celebration of the collision of western and Japanese music, culture, etc. Yep, it’s peak Homicidols Dot Com:

  • Mission statement
  • Idol besties
  • Favorite idol thing ever
  • Unofficial site mascot

And I’m not even going! Circumstances collided in a perfect storm of things that preclude ol’ Maniac’s participation, which sucks mightily, but guess what.

Seriously, guess.

I can send you in my place!

Here’s the deal — I’m acquiring two VIP tickets:

  • One for anybody, period, just plain up for grabs
  • One for somebody to bring a friend

We should all be endeavoring to make more idol fans out of the people we know — friends, family, co-workers, neighborhood bullies, what have you — so let’s put my (again: mission statement) money where my mouth is. While one lucky gosh-darn-I’d-sure-like-to-go human will get themselves a handy VIP ticket for the two days of the event, one of you who is already going will get to break a friend to tag along. This friend should not already be an idol fan, but a person who you’ve always thought could be, or a person who didn’t recoil in fear or shriek with laughter when you showed them somebody’s MV. Friend, partner, spouse, it doesn’t matter, as long as they aren’t already a fan.

Apply below by Wednesday at noon Eastern (New York). For the personal tickets, I’ll be selecting randomly; for the friend tickets, I want you to sell me on why the person you’d be taking would be the right person to go. I’ll notify the winners and announce the outcome by Friday, after which I’ll be working with Derek on making sure that the right ticket gets placed in the right hands, one way or another.

Oh, and if you’ve missed that this event is happening, don’t rely on me; regular ol’ tickets and VIP tickets are still very much available.

*If you or your friend isn’t actually interested in the VIP, tell me so, and I’ll change the ticket; it could lead to a scenario where I can give away a single-day ticket as well