Idols and Six Feet Under: Meet Bury

Here’s an interesting one that the Viz reminded me of yesterday: Bury. Here’ what they look and sound like!

With a name like that, you’d think they’d be metal, possibly deathcore or even (please) brutal slam, but I’ll take punk, too.

This was one of those fun coincidences, as I started following them around this time, I think just from regular ol’ Twitter diving:

They did the ol’ obscure-our-faces thing for a while, I think until they cleared the 100 follower threshold, which does put that whole EMPiRE business into perspective (though, fwiw, Bury didn’t need any bots!)

The first live is Nov. 9. I’m ignoring every remaining ounce of snark in my body to say that yes, right now, we do indeed need more punk rock idols. I also need to acknowledge that I’ve had so many puns in my head since yesterday, but I’ll make do with “between Bury and me” and stick with the wished-for metal thing for the time being (the title of this post came close to winning).