Yeah, It’s Aina’s Best Collaboration

In case you missed it:

BiSH’s barbecue-voiced center, Aina the End, contributed vocals to this wild promo for a run of upcoming PS4 games:

Or, to put it more succinctly:

Yeah, to say that the response to her work with TeddyLoid (also) was mixed is probably to be overly generous, but a) nobody denies Aina’s powers and b) I still can’t see her sticking with this idol thing for the truly long haul like Lui-senpai; she’s too good a singer to be just one element of a bigger dynamic, and she can pretty clearly do just about whatever she wants, vocally and as a dancer.

This also unfortunately pre-empts the other BiSH-related thing that I wanted to write about, but c’est la vie.

3 thoughts on “Yeah, It’s Aina’s Best Collaboration

  1. Not exactly subtle at all.

    Well it’s interesting to hear Aina sing in English..

    Instead of all these side steps from BiSH I wish
    she gets to do a solo album soon.

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