I Want to Say That Wagamama Rakia’s New Single Is Pretty Good

You may know by now that “Trash?” is out, in stores, at venues, etc.:

I kept hoping that the release would coincide with an obligatory MV release; Wagamama’s starting to push up and out more, gaining followers and attaching to other notables in the chika world, so it made sense (to me) to make a bit more of the release, try to generate some buzz, etc. What they teased out today does not obviate a possible video for the A-side, and it’s a nice preview nonetheless!

I think this is Minami’s solo number, albeit just a demo

Technically, the single isn’t fully released just yet, and there’s a tour of sorts to support it, so I’m guessing that we’ll be hearing and seeing more of “Trash?”. Me, I’m just hoping that Wagamama Rakia gets their moment.