I Momentarily Have a New Favorite Thing

Pure Idol Heart is back to sharing all kinds of fun indie things, and I couldn’t be happier. Just today, we get a lovely new entrant, PapiRosier (Twitter), into the Idol Metal Wars:

Those are great, A and B sides of their first single, coming out in a few weeks. And, fittingly, the album art reflects the fact that they went from being a five-piece to a four in the production process, and they didn’t have the money to redo anything. I love it.

I’ve never heard of their agency before, but that means nothing. Out of Fukuoka, they have a few projects going already, including:

Kinda got a thing going for butterflies, amirite?

3 thoughts on “I Momentarily Have a New Favorite Thing

  1. Chuggy with a smattering of thrash. I am pleased with this. Vocals sound good with the songs as well, even throwing a little rapiness in there to mix things up…

    And then I heard the second song…and there was electronica-esque/more traditional idol sound…with some dirty dirty wubs tossed in, and it was also good. Those two videos could be a corner case in the argument why this genre is so awesome: Everything you like is somewhere in it!

    I’m gonna hazard a guess that the “Papi” in “Papirosier” relates to the French word for butterfly: Papillon. Good finds, thanks for the share (^^)

    • Took a closer look at their symbol…butterfly and a rose…yep, butterfly in the name confirmed. (^^ゞ

    • Hey Phillter, always enjoy your insights.One line in particular stood out. “Everything you like is somewhere in it”. We’ve been noticing that a lot lately and don’t necessarily see that as a good thing. For us, the most important aspect of art is originality. To be clear, we never have and never will disrespect any artists for their offerings, but like most things, timing is everything, and we feel as if some of these latest finds are just a little late to the party so to speak. The first song above with the rap sections is very Joshi-esque, with the breakdown occurring precisely where we expected. Very formulaic. The second track sounded very Code-ish in the first 30 seconds. We are beginning to get the feeling that the saturation point is rapidly approaching. The shock and awe of idols going heavy is fading in our opinion. It will take a big leap forward and a new twist to grab our full attention. Until then we are content to go deep with our favorites we’ve discovered thus far. Peace

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