I Can’t Even with This New Lein Video

I love you guys, but when I wake up and there are multiples of you throwing the latest from Lein at me, it does not fill me with hope for a good day!

Krv and Eyex1st, bless you

Listen to this song, and watch the video with it. It’s more than a little disturbing! There’s discordant, and then there’s this song; there’s messed-up video, and then there’s this video. Krv advanced a hypothesis that there’s even darker and stranger yet to come from this girl, as she hasn’t broken yet. That’s terrifying.

One of the things that first got me into idol was its capacity to surprise — hey, I never heard that before! — and, the deeper I got into chika and some of the more dedicated artists therein, its capacity to shock. If you’re old to remember Tool’s early videos, maybe you understand what I mean. Like, the violence here is entirely implicit, a threat more than a result, and I’m tying on my running shoes already so that I don’t get caught up in it.

And yet, I beg for this madness. No, what I was mad about not knowing about last week, that was a whole different ball of wax, but come on. I’ve now played this entire thing three times and shared it with the only two other people in the world who I think won’t be left with a broken psyche as a result.

What an artist.