Is a New Lein MV Exactly What You Need This Morning? Yes.

I’m actually a little disappointed in most-genuinely-disturbing-solo-performer-in-idol Lein here; the day before Halloween, and she releases maybe her best composition so far, and one with, like, only slightly discomfiting visuals?

This girl is what happens when vaporwave becomes sentient and starts to make music about people.

I Can’t Even with This New Lein Video

I love you guys, but when I wake up and there are multiples of you throwing the latest from Lein at me, it does not fill me with hope for a good day!

Krv and Eyex1st, bless you

Listen to this song, and watch the video with it. It’s more than a little disturbing! There’s discordant, and then there’s this song; there’s messed-up video, and then there’s this video. Krv advanced a hypothesis that there’s even darker and stranger yet to come from this girl, as she hasn’t broken yet. That’s terrifying. Continue reading

Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me That Lein Made Another Thing?

You guys are dead to me — when it comes to the gaping maws of madness at idol’s ever-succulent fringes, I need people with like tastes to tell me about the things. Maniac can cover quite a lot of ground, but not all of the ground! I’ll go ahead and blame Krv and call it a day.

Anyhow, R/Lein, pixie queen mother of emerging wtf idol talent, had a notification pop up on YouTube yesterday … two days after it was published. Boo late notifications! But also, when literal priests of the International Diocese of Idol Projects That Can Smash Your Brain Goo (read: Lein and others) post, the power of XXXXXXX compels you to look on, aghast:

Continue reading

Rein Will Turn Your Brain Inside-out

I thought Chris had completely lost his mind; poor dude was practically hyperventilating on Twitter about something. Something. The problem was, every time I clicked on the source of his enthusiastic consternation, the video was gone. Now, Chris is a level-headed person with excellent taste in idols … normally. What was it that had broken him?

Next was Krv. “She’s amazeballs” read the message, followed by a description of a live experience that included a solo acoustic performance that started after shoe-throwing in a bunny hat, and a post-buppan experience of inexplicable tears. Now, Krv is a level-headed person with excellent taste in idols … normally. What had effectively smitten this man? Continue reading