Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me That Lein Made Another Thing?

You guys are dead to me — when it comes to the gaping maws of madness at idol’s ever-succulent fringes, I need people with like tastes to tell me about the things. Maniac can cover quite a lot of ground, but not all of the ground! I’ll go ahead and blame Krv and call it a day.

Anyhow, R/Lein, pixie queen mother of emerging wtf idol talent, had a notification pop up on YouTube yesterday … two days after it was published. Boo late notifications! But also, when literal priests of the International Diocese of Idol Projects That Can Smash Your Brain Goo (read: Lein and others) post, the power of XXXXXXX compels you to look on, aghast:

Oh word, that was really normal, by Lein standards! This is of course presuming that the lyrics aren’t about skinning puppies or something — I only have so much ability to understand sung Japanese beyond “watashi wa” and “doki doki”, especially when the volume is low. Does … does she have capacity to fit more mundane things into her repertoire? Let’s check in with Twitter!

Kind of!