How These Little PIGGieS Walked to Market

We’re not telling porkies here, the new PIGGS EP is probably the best you’ll hear before the year ends!

5 KILL STARS is the latest from the PourPourLand sausage factory, mixing some good old fashioned punk with glam rock, jpop and at least 70% real grade-A Japanese pork. Super producer Ryan.B really knows how to put the “synth” in “synthetic meat”, that’s for sure!

But of course this is Pour Lui we’re talking about here, do you think anything she’s involved with is going to have any kind of normal promo? Like they’d just escaped from a butchery, the girls managed to walk around Kansai between Osaka and Tokyo – that’s right, they walked between every single concert venue. Around 1010 kilometers in total. WACK might have a marathon now and then but PIGGS have definitely broken the record for longest pedestrian commute in human history. Their WALK or PORK tour also ended with a livestream of the final show, which if you missed you can probably find on YouTube through semi illegitimate means. Probably. We’re not telling you what to do here.

If you’re thinking “wow where was I while this was happening?”, fret not. A brand spanking new PIGGS English fansite has popped up on Twitter, so feel free to give them a follow for all of your live updates on the world’s most famous pigpen.

Once again, 5 KILL STARS is the mix of 80’s glam and punk you didn’t know you needed. And what better way to send off 2020 than with a song called THANK YOU FUCK YOU?