Hey Everybody, Come Play the Firday Fun!

Hello everyone! I just got back from my trip to see Necronomidol as of writing. I had an absolute blast! Amazing show, meeting Necroma is an experience that I will never forget, and I also got to meet and hang out with a good portion of you! Big thanks to those who helped to get me up there and those who said hi and just made this whole experience the most fun I’ve had in hell knows how long, I love you guys! Let’s hope Ricky keeps to his promise of sending Necroma to Britain again so we can do this again! Or if any of you happen to be at Juice=Juice later this year, which unless their recent line-up change also brings a new look and sound as Hello!Pro’s first JuiceMetal idols I doubt I’ll be writing about that here

Last week’s Friday Fun, we literally put words into Zero’s mouth!

This week’s theme is a lot more broad than the last two weeks. And it’s all around the concept of “that doesn’t look right.”

Whether it be a subtle name or lyric change, or one of the members looks particularly weird. Maybe there’s something hidden in the album artwork? This week’s theme is all around changes that might not be noticed if you’re just scrolling down a Twitter feed, but when you see if you won’t believe your eyes! Or in less clickbaity terms, you’ll be thinking “huh” and move on.

But you get the idea, right? Photoshop edits are always welcome, but if you can think of some funny changes for member/group names, slogans, lyrics and the like, then regular tweets are always welcome too! Tweet us with #SlightlyOffIdols and let’s see where this goes.