Here’s Your BiS Of The Week

In what appears to be a weekly thing now, re-reformed BiS have dropped another pair of songs on dropbox and Soundcloud. Provided Brand-new Idol Society (not the 2011 one) doesn’t have any re-recordings of older songs, it’s starting to feel like this whole album is slowly being released for free at this point. Not that I’m complaining, I’m so skint I’m having to ration my bog roll. My bog roll, people!!

Dropbox links for this is not a love song and 1,2,3!! right here, as well as their Soundcloud for if the WACK bandwidth runs out again.

One thought on “Here’s Your BiS Of The Week

  1. These certainly are BiS songs… They pick up right where BiS 2 left off, except now the different voices don’t mean anything to me! Yet!

    It’ll be nice to hear the high quality versions of these on the album… unless this is what the album versions will sound like… After all, The Guerilla BiSH happened 😛

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