Here’s the Winning Gokigen Teikoku Fan-edited MV

Well, guys, I hate to break your hearts, but neither Terry nor Viz Major nor any of a number of us otherwise won Gekijo-ban’s contest to create the official MV for “Important Announcement”:

This is the part where we all must acknowledge that the Gokigeners (I blame Ichigo) are the single most clever self-promoters in all of idol, which is funny, because while they’ve rightfully earned a lot of attention and respect over the last year and change, they had a good number of Twitter followers and the like under the old managed-by-someone-else regime as … actually, I can’t even remember the group’s old name*, that’s how indelible they’ve become as exactly what they are now.

But yeah, Gekijo-ban has proven that maybe clever, creative people who are willing to project themselves into their projects and focus on quality and a whole different kind of fan service, maybe they’re the ones who are really on to something. Just considering the number of projects that completely fail despite “professional” management … well.

*My brain keeps trying to combine Earth, Wind & Fire and Kitakaze Impact and Neo-Tokyo Something, and none of that is correct