Here’s Footage of yandoll Taking ‘One-man’ Very Seriously

Are we ever going to stop with the live video? NOPE. Somehow March and December will happen simultaneously, we’ll do a combined Corenament of the Year contest and still be doing a whole ton of live video because the entire idol industry has apparently decided that this debut season will be kind of lame and very few idols of the homi variety, at least the ones of note, will do anything notable.


But this is why live video exists. Idol never does stop, even when it’s lame, and it’s in the live environment that maybe stuff having a look at will still happen, right?

So here’s yandoll, who are cool and not appreciated enough, having a “one-man” with a band that’s definitely not what you saw in their last one-man, and definitely not what you expect when you see that word:

I thought it was dumb at first, too, but then decided that I love it. If you can’t have fun on stage, why do it? And if you don’t want to have that moment to yourself, why seek it at all? Good for yandoll.