Here’s a Whole Ton of Stuff from TIF

Now that the 2019 Tokyo Idol Festival is all the way in the rearview mirror, I thought that, despite neither hosting a megathread nor doing a primer this year, it’d be fun to all catch up on the fun together. This is what living that wota life through several thousands miles and multimedia earn you! All in all, though, I think it’s a pretty good haul. Let’s just dive in, and if you know of something appropriate that I missed, go ahead and add it in the comments.



There are tons of Chiaki clips out there, but this one was my favorite:



Osaka Shunkashuto:

And that thing that Maina does:


Task have Fun and Wa-suta back to back:

sora tob sakana:

For your more traditional takes, predia:

And let’s close it out with a WACK Corner


The re-debut of BiS:

This is the only video that I saw of EMPiRE and GANG PARADE, so:

All of their various zany side projects:

Aina’s thing:

And last but not least: