We’re Going to Be Able to Get the New Candye Syrup Single

Confession! I feel really guilty about being kind of late on this, but fortunately being a step late meant that I could share better, and unconditional, news — in a few days, Candye Syrup will be issuing a new single (well, new.5), I think the first official physical release by the new regime. When this was first shared with me by a very helpful and friendly and no doubt fun-at-parties insider, the record was definitely venue-only, but things changed a little bit shortly thereafter.

Here’s the official announcement:

That’s Senanan’s artwork, btw; KOUICHI on the composition

That’s next weekend! My fingers are crossed for some video to go with. What changed is that, while it’s still a venue-only release in Japan, we filthy gaijin fans will be able to pick it up via our old pals at Chaotic Harmony (and Owaranaide, Yoru’s, too). They’re available for pre-order right now!

And now I have that one off my chest!