Your Homicidols Weekender #97

Happy Saturday! I’m on my way to work — I know — but I’m still kind of stoked. Why? Because when you get to work for the organization that handles Day Job stuff these days, going to work on a Saturday means going to hang out in the woods with cool, visionary people and talk about highfalutin notions. I’m genuinely looking forward to it.

The week that was, that was a good one. And release season is still revving up! There are many many many albums and singles and videos and elsewise yet to come between now and when things start to finally cool off in December. Yes, this is a great time to be an idol fan, and that’s to say nothing of Halloween being in the mix.

This is your Weekender. Specifically, it’s the 97th Weekender. Considering that I started to do it as a way to post less and Team Homicidols is still keeping up a pretty good clip, and this thing is the ever-recurring monstrosity that it’s become, I’m a little surprised. Also proud, in the way that you might be proud of a really loud burp. It’s kind of neat. And I may as well get it out of the way that I’m hoping to commemorate the impending 100th edition with something fun and exciting. It only seems right.

Well. This week. #97. Big ol’ Weekender. Get caught up. Go play the Fun (which is yet another in Kerrie’s incredible run). And if you get a chance, go hang out in the woods with cool people, because ’tis the season.

Go Ahead and Rub It In, You Jerk

Raise your hand (and collect your winnings) if you thought that Ten Tenko would be the ex-BiS member to get major Western music exposure:

Mirin is one of the greatest humans on earth:

A film appearance out of Shihatsumachi Underground:

Ayuni D’s making of, more or less:

I’m still kind of sore that we weren’t able to secure an interview with DEADLIFT LOLITA, even though Kerrie’s adventure bore a ton of fruit anyway:

On Monday, Babyraids JAPAN will hold their last live. Here’s the promo!


Album and tour for Melon Batake a go go:

See random workout video in Twitter feed; assume that it’s Mori Saki; be immediately proven correct:

The resurrected FRUITPOCHETTE is already heading for Korea:

There just isn’t enough Sakohata Aya in this world:

There are plenty of candidates, but I’ve thought for a while that my girl Gozeela was Pour Lui’s truest apprentice:

Nobody is better than Dance for Philosophy right now:

Here’s notall live:

As well as Chemical Reaction:

New Task have Fun:

I get really excited when Kaishin no Ichigeki does anything; to do things with NaNoMoRaL is just unfair:

I don’t cover Momoiro Clover Z because they very literally don’t need it, but goshdang this song is lots of things that I need:


By the grace of gods dark and terrible, Hanako-san will be doing one-man gigs:

Here’s an edited-up live video from Hakuchumu Project:


A very special message from Moecore Gakuen:

Have a great weekend!