Happy Friday! Please Allow KeePXOUT to Annihilate Your Soul

Remember the random discovery of KeePXOUT from a few months ago? I’ve been seeing them on some bills and in Twitter photos lately and thought I’d check in, and they very helpfully just recently uploaded some good live performance video:

It’s kind of amazing that there aren’t more visual kei idols; this stuff goes together like adenine and thymine. Sure, plenty of idols incorporate visual kei elements and philosophy (looking in your direction, Under Beasty), but I can’t think of anybody who’s as deliberate about it as KeepXOUT.

Happy Friday.

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday! Please Allow KeePXOUT to Annihilate Your Soul

  1. I don’t know anything about visual kei, but I thought their audience was basically completely opposite to the idol audience?

    • Probably in the olden days, but all of those lines are blurring now. But visuals alone? A lot of people have compared Babymetal to visual kei (which is nuts, but I get it); now here’s a pair embracing that gothic androgyny to the hilt. So cool.

      • I’ve only seen visual kei once, strangely at a show which alternated visual kei and idol groups. And it was basically all the girls appeared to watch the visual kei bands, then buggered off for the idols where all the blokes emerged to watch them, and thus it rotated. Also, the visual kei fans tended to be younger than the idol fans. From a quick google, that seems to be the trend all round for visual kei.

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