Going Solo Works Too! Kazuki from Gekijo-ban’s New Project

The original of this post is literally months old; it’s slow going out there, so I thought I’d dig it up

It’s safe to say that Gokigen Teikoku is doing pretty well right now, well enough to be able to get their fans to do their dirty work for them. But in the context of that work, the “Important Announcement,” we should all stop to remember Kazuki*, who left the group a good while back and … hey, went solo!

That’s a nice trailer!

Here’s the trailer and details for her debut maxi-single:

Her very literal one-man is coming up in a couple of months:

You can follow her on Twitter or find out more about what all she’s doing on her website. Her YouTube channel is, true to the Gekijo-ban nature, a treasure trove of random and fun.

*Look, we all know what her name is; I don’t know why she spells it ‘Kaduki’ in romaji