You Can Download the New There There Theres Single for Free

I was writing that as if there’s some kind of fake-out involved, but there’s no fake-out. Just like almost everything else AQBI related, the “There’s something behind” single” is available for free via OTOTOY for one week starting today:

I use the term “new” here a little liberally, as you may already be familiar with the material if you follow TTTs, but that’s all well and good because free studio versions muchachos!

I already downloaded and already enjoyed the whole thing, if you wanted some kind of review (though if you need convincing to download a free thing from one of the greatest, most creative entities in idol, I can’t help you). The title track is weirdly unsettling in the way the strings and keys create an atmosphere of pursuit (think Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King”), and the interplay between the name of the group and title of the song, not to mention the BRGH Twitter account magically springing to life last night, create this weird “we can’t outrun out past” vibe; “IKENIE” is a song that will grow on you even if you don’t want it to, maybe the hardest-rocking song TTTs has ever put out but also a weird cross-genre work that I almost want to call “pfunk”; “Metallicus” on the C-side is probably really fun to have (I like it), but it’s an inexplicable trip-hop number that I would’ve associated with other projects in the family.

Anyway, this is good and cool. I was starting to wonder if/when There There Theres would make another release any time soon!