So LADYBABY Just Took Me for One Hell of a Ride

Did I miss something out there? There’s been a definite feeling that LADYBABY was about to do something significant — and I very Mandela Effectively could have sworn that I’d seen an announcement for a new single in the last few days — what with the ExEx gigs going down and, I don’t know, more chatter than usual on their channels? Something was up.

It turns out that something is a new MV! With a great big contribution, performatively and creatively from Emily and from HAJIMETAL, and Rie’s fingerprints all over the production. And what a trip it is:

Eventually I got my jaw up off of the floor and de-scrambled my brain. With a chortle I thought, Man, people are either going to love this or hate this. This whole “Static and dynamic intersection,The LOUDROCK that majestic strings and rogue guitar resonate” business, that’s definitely a good description of what all’s going on here.

Me, I’m like, this song would have absolutely killed during that post-millenial era when Linkin Park was becoming one of the biggest bands in the world and Evanescence was getting Top 40 airplay, or a little bit later in the decade when a next wave threatened to crest and, thankfully, kind of died on the vine. It’s so sonically anachronistic and such a wild thematic trip that I know that I’m going to be showing it to people all week like a schoolyard pusher.

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