Emomomomo, the Virtual Reality Experience

Happy Monday, you goofballs! I’m in a pretty good mood, all things considered, because there’s very exciting news coming up in a little while, plus hopefully the most productive day I’ll have at work all year (that sounds gross, but it’s true), which will itself be followed by one of the most interesting things ever done for this site, and you all will get to be the beneficiaries a little bit down the road.

But first, I come bearing idols. Specifically, Hissatsu Emomomomo, who you may recall. They took on the unique challenge of doing a VR video that … well, the music is nice and clear at least:

Maybe you cool kids with your gadgets and widgets and things can tell me why that’s blurred straight to hell. Or maybe it doesn’t matter! Or maybe it would look right if I had a fancy headset doodad. I am unaware of these things because VR is of limited interest to me until they can develop a way for me to literally live inside of Skyrim.

For being a trooper, here’s a video-intro-interview-with-the-members thing:

Let’s have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Emomomomo, the Virtual Reality Experience

  1. I think the blue member may be my favorite. I don’t Japanese, but I liked the vibe she gave off during her Q & A.

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