100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 98: Unveiled

NSLE hit up Tower Records in Sendai, and are clearly loving everything right now:

It must have eaten up just about all of Tsuyame’s creativity, though, because she keeps doing variations on the same selfie anymore:

I like this new theory that Komachi is actually some kind of lizard person. Here she is, sunning herself in front of an open window to get up enough energy to hunt insects for the rest of the day:

Similarly, after learning that I’d discovered that she’s more than just one person, Co3 put on her best Shidare outfit to try to fool the casual observer, only to ruin the gag by writing the “Co” kana on her face:

Boss-chan would have objected, but the Colonel Sanders threat was looming, so I understand why she wanted to skedaddle.