Easycore Impressionism with Pure White Canvas

Doop-dee-doop, checking up on Soundcloud … Hello, what’s this?

I– There’s something familiar here, but I’m not sure what. Is there time? Today there is time! Let’s go on a journey together!

Spoiler alert: The spoiler alert is in the title. This is Pure White Canvas (Twitter), and they are not new but in fact just over a year old now, which does not place them into the sublime Class of 2018 but does put them into hard antecedent range. I decided to bump them up the let’s-meet-new-idols chain but several huge loping strides because … because.

The easycore thing is kind of a reach, but I liked how it sounded and went with it. In truth, they’re fairly all over the rock-and-stuff spectrum, including some of that uniquely joyous music that, regardless of its foundation, is entirely unique to idol:

Here’s how you can get to know the members a tiny bit:

I’d apparently been following them on Soundcloud and that’s it. Rare! That mistake is now rectified. Don’t repeat my mistake!