D-Frontier Are Very Mysterious Indeed

This is another one of those “this thing needs more love, so follow them!” kind of articles.

To start this off, are you prepared for another Hello! Project ramble? No, don’t go yet, I swear I’m getting somewhere with this.

So, if you follow my Twitter, you know I love, love, love Kago Ai, and her former unit, W, with Tsuji Nozomi. Now, last week, Kago returned to the Hello! Project stage for the first time in about 12 years, after getting fired and pretty much erased from existence in official Hello! Project lore for a good part of a decade. It was a pretty huge deal for the Hello! Project fandom. And now she’s no longer dead to the company, there’s been a discussion of a potential W reunion both from the fans and from Kago and Tsuji themselves.

“Kerrie, stop it, W isn’t rock or alt at all,” you say. Yeah, I know. But that’s where I divert your attention to Kago’s comeback show itself. Specifically, these two attendees:

What the-!? Has the W from 2005 just stepped into a time machine to the present??

Actually, that’s W-Nise (or, W Fake), a fairly convincing W tribute act. But, they also have another identity, in the form of D-Frontier:

Consisting of Madoka and Anna, when they’re not masquerading as my favourite former Hello!Pro act, they’re a pretty solid chika idol duo. This snippet from their debut (and as of writing, only) single “Twins piece wing” is well worth a listen.

The downside? Well, aside from being talented, they’re also a pretty mysterious pair. While Madoka and Anna are both pretty active on Twitter, despite having been going for two years, there isn’t actually much in the way of live footage or more music. Your only real chance to get an adequate D-Frontier experience is if you’re in Japan to hit up one of their lives or enjoy this video of a fan jamming out to an instrumental of “Twins piece wing”:

You might be wondering why I’m devoting so much to an idol group that we don’t know all that much about. And, well, I just think they have a lot of potential! And at just 11 Youtube subscribers and 230 Twitter followers, I have to wonder, would they be willing to share more with us if their fanbase was just a little bit bigger? So consider this another Justice for Aono scenario, and go and send your support and follow their social media, in the hopes that in the future, they’ll appear more on this blog.

Also, they have a weekly online radio show, so if those are your thing, go check that out too.

Here’s hoping we see more from these girls in the future!