Chiaki Mayumura’s 1st Concert In The USA Is Now A Concert For The World… (Happening Today!)

The current state of global events has been a massive wrench in so many aspects of our lives, alarming on one level as we worry (and too often, mourn) for those vulnerable to it’s effects, and incredibly frustrating in the ways it’s interfering with our lives (and unfortunately, livelihoods) for many.

Naka-Kon in Kansas City , USA is one such event. The anime and pop-culture convention was going to be the host for Chiaki Mayumura‘s western debut, but sadly and understandably, it’s been postponed out of health concerns. This makes sense and I don’t feel anyone can take issue with their decision.

But wouldn’t you know it, Chiaki didn’t intend to bow out at all, and she arrived in from Japan to perform at this event. And now one of the most consistently amazing live performers around is sitting in her hotel in Kansas City for an appearance that isn’t going to take place.

BUT she’s not gonna just sit there and do nothing…

So peeps all over the world, if you can, I encourage you to make time to catch her streaming live show which will take place at 10:30 am Central USA time! (Compare your time zone!) Yes, the time may be awkward for a lot of us…shoot, I’ll be at work myself, but if you can, try to tune in and maybe send her a virtual cheer from wherever you are. Maybe at least check in a moment and leave a comment. ..

Here’s the link right here and also embedded below…

Let’s let Chiaki know we really appreciate her attitude and spirit anyway we can!