CARRY LOOSE, Currently Lost

It’s that time again where the hearts of hundreds around the globe are shattered by the whims of fate – CARRY LOOSE will disband on Halloween and have stopped their livestream project effective immediately.

Of course we at Homicidols love to focus on the lighter side of things even when it’s a dark time, while it’s fine to be upset we should clarify that harassment and abusive messages directed at whoever on social media aren’t okay. Jokes are jokes, vitriol is not. If we have to say this, it needs to be said. Behave.


It feels like you can’t go a second without having to acknowledge Corona’s insidious grip on everything around us. Currently, we live in a world where touring artists can’t tour and if they can, it’s at venues with 25% capacity because of social distancing. If you can’t make money, you can’t be a musician and while no reference to lost profits were made in any announcement, one’s imagination doesn’t have to stretch too far to understand why CARRY LOOSE might not be in the best spot right now.

But speculation is speculation, and it is what it is.

Head honcho of WACK, Watanabe, tweeted out that he hopes all of the members can remain apart of his company and create something new in the future. Like when a Kaedephoenix is reborn from the ashes, this is absolutely NOT the END for Yuina, Pan, Yumeka and Uruu.

CARRY LOOSE will also have a final graduation song. More details on that coming in the future, so we can’t say if it’ll be a quick SoundCloud drop or a full physical single release.

This is a bittersweet end for deliverymen (CL fans) and WACK fans everywhere. From the start, CARRY LOOSE brought something new! In the midst of angry punk and j-rock ballads, their aesthetic was drawn towards the more sensitive side of alternative music. They outright said they’re “cool and emo” in their early interviews! Yes, with warm basslines that would make Coctaeu Twins themselves tear up, CL are another living, breathing example of “idol music can be anything at all.” A shoegaze band that shows you the light in the dark and sometimes the outright silly – Yumeka wrote Tantakatantantan about the time she saw a UFO! A special group with special songs, even if something isn’t profitable, for the people who were listening, the music and members themselves were incredibly heartfelt.

With WACK’s first outright disbandment in a while, as BiS reaggregated itself and GANG PARADE underwent mitosis, we’re in uncharted waters. Whether the members choose to stay with WACK (let’s go @YUiNA_EMPiRE_BiS2nd_BiS_CARRY_WACKCHiN) remains to be seen. Maybe Uruu will become a pop diva like Peri Ubu did or Panluna becomes a solo choreographer like Saki?

The present is uncertain for everyones, so who knows what the future could bring? But in this case, even if it hurts now, good things will definitely come for the members and their fans. Just wait a little.

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  1. God, seeing a couple of the English replies (same person I think?) on Watanabe’s tweet actually makes me feel bad for Watanabe and the girls.

    The lyrics to “I WANT TO DIE!!!!!” is absolutely super relevant to the replies he’s getting now that a rather polarising announcement like this is made.

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