BABYMETAL Unveil BxMxC MV, Best-Of Album and Other Elaborate Plans for their 10th Birthday

It all started simply enough. Around midnight Tokyo time, BABYMETAL dropped an MV for “BxMxC”, their nu-metal banger that was exclusively released as part of the domestic (Japan) version of METAL GALAXY almost one year ago today. While BABYMETAL have been feeding us performance videos on the regular, we have to go back almost two years to the release of “Starlight” for the group’s last true MV, and all the way back to 2016’s “KARATE” to see an MV featuring the members themselves. This made it a brutally refreshing departure to see SU-METAL literally spit fire in this Mortal Kombat meets 8 Mile mash-up. 

 “BxMxC” is now available digitally worldwide.

Shortly thereafter,  they also released a BxMxC special edition t-shirt which sold out in about three seconds so don’t even bother searching for the link. But if you still feel an itch to spend money on BABYMETAL, they got you covered. Just a few hours later, they dropped the motherload:

BABYMETAL has announced 10 BABYMETAL YEARS, a best-of album to be released a couple days before Christmas. It comes in 10 different versions, the acquisition of which is so complex that it needs a dedicated website just to explain it all .

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Version I. Normal Edition: CD or Vinyl (10 Songs) 
  • Version II. Limited Edition A: CD (10 Songs) + Blu Ray (16 Music Videos)
  • Version III. Limited Edition B: CD (10 Songs) + 10 Legendary Artworks (New Vinyl Album Cover-sized photos of SU and MOA)
  • Version IV. Limited Edition C: CD (10 Songs) + Blu Ray  of 10 LEGENDARY MOVIES (10 Live Videos of the songs that win the 10 LEGEND SONGS TOURNAMENT; see below)
  • Version V. THE ONE Limited Edition A: “KARUTA Battle Set”: CD (10 Songs) + Babymetalized Karuta Card Game and Battle CD 
  • Version VI. THE ONE Limited Edition B: CD (10 Songs) + Blu Ray of SU and MOA Interviews + Blu Ray of 10 Best Live Songs + 72 Page Photobook + Big BABYMETAL Flag

Versions VII., VIII. and IX., the SU-METAL, MOAMETAL and KOBAMETAL versions respectively, cannot be purchased.

With the purchase of Versions I – VI, the buyer also receives 3 random  Prophet Cards of type S, M or K. These cards are then used to guess which 10 songs SU-METAL, MOAMETAL or KOBAMETAL picked to appear on their own, personal best-of album. If you guess all ten songs correctly in the correct order, you win their respective special version. Good luck with that. Someone over on r/BABYMETAL did the math and, even if you know the right ten songs, the odds of putting them in the correct order are 1 in 3.6 million.

Version X. ???  But here’s a teaser trailer for the whole shebang:

In association with all of the above, BABYMETAL also announced the 10 LEGEND SONGS TOURNAMENT: a Corenament-style bracket showdown where fans vote on their favorite songs via Instagram Stories and other social media. The final 10 songs will appear on the 10 LEGEND MOVIES Blu Ray of Limited Edition C.  This tournament has already begun, so go vote already!

The last item announced was the STAY METAL, STAY ROCK-MAY-KAN livestream performance to take place sometime in December. ROCK-MAY-KAN is, of course, a small yet storied live house in Tokyo. Back in the day, it was an important venue to X-Japan and burgeoning visual kei scene, and it later served as the site of LEGEND~Corset Festival, BABYMETAL’s very first one-man live.

This viewing will only be available to members of THE ONE fan club and a portion of the proceeds will go to help the venue and BABYMETAL touring staff who have been impacted by COVID-19.

So, that’s a LOT of BABYMETAL news to all come out in one day.  I hope we’re all caught up now.

OH! I almost forgot: they also joined TikTok.