Your Homicidols Weekender #203

Good morning! Boy oh boy do we have a stripped-down Weekender for you. That’s nobody’s fault — there really wasn’t all that much going on this week, oddly enough — though I do apologize in advance for the sheer density of Weekender regulars. I do try to keep things fairly diverse in here, ya dig? At least representative of all of the idol stuff. When you have a quiet week, only the most extremely online idol projects provide much in the way of content.

This was actually a tough week, in general, which is a mantra that I’m sure people are tired of hearing. True though — when some of the least bad news is that an iconic and massively influential guitarist has passed away, you know you’re in the middle of a humdinger. So I hope that this stuff here, and the rest of the stuff we here at Homicidols Dot Com provide, gives you some overall goodness.

Just a Few Weeks to Go Til the Fouriversary!

At long last, a WACK affiliate is headed to Budokan:

“Oh, a The Grateful a MogAAAz promo video!” you exclaim, blissfully ignorant of what is about to come:

Just such infectious goodness from everything Malcolm Mask McLaren does:

Yeah, new Wagamama Rakia record!

Yeah, new PassCode single or something!

If you like good things, you’ll love this tipToe. song:

Get your tradol fix from IVOLVE:

Spend some time with MISSEMILY:

Thanks for sharing this match that makes so much sense that I’m surprised they aren’t on tour together, Maxomai!

This CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL MV is a month old but still open in my queue so, like, maybe I haven’t mentioned it yet:

Wound up with more HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI too!

Fare thee well, Vivid Chicken:


You probably saw the news about WILL-O’ too, but I’m going to do a regular post for it and so here’s some video that won’t be included in that:

This POPPING EMO is fine:

There is just about nothing left to even possibly include here, so uh … here’s more Devil ANTHEM just like most every week:

Have a great weekend!