Babymetal May Have Just Killed a Bunch of People

I thought this as a ridiculous gimmick at first. Oh, just download the app and point at the image, and I bet it’s like one of those Magic Eye things and it’ll tell me to buy Metal Resistance and I’ll be like “I already did buy it. When is your video coming out?”

But seriously, do what this says if you can:

And then …

They’re still really, really coached and definitely reading from cards, but Babymetal’s English game is way past Su-metal’s “At first, we were very nervous” canned responses from last summer. They’re taking this whole world domination thing very seriously.

This is also a sign that the Kitsune Warriors are fully past the novelty stage and will soon be making even casual people sick of overexposure to them — once you app, you never go back. 🙂