And HAMIDASYSTEM’s Dissolving Too

And as if to add insult to injury (though in fact announced first in actual chronology), HAMIDASYSTEM, the people behind this, whose growth and development over the last year in particular has been nothing short of astonishing, will be disbanded in April, pending a complete reboot of the membership:

Nothing lasts forever, certainly not in idol, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t think that this was a group that had a good stretch left ahead of them. FFS, they were my personal Idol of the Year for 2018! After the huge artistic achievement that was putting together prose and song and video and live performance in a single cohesive story, it was easy to see that other, maybe even more ambitious, steps lay ahead.

Or so you’d have thought! And the you realize that the official account has been unaccountably quiet lately, and things start to fall together and … well, and you start to take deep breaths and wonder if staring into the sun, even during the low-angle winter months, might help to keep the bad news at bay in the same way that kids will hide under a blanket to deny the existence of the terrors of the night.

Best get your auditioning shoes on:

It’s fair to wonder how this is going to work out. The four current members have been together for a while and built up a pretty solid following, and my (limited) experience is that full-on membership reboots only tend to work out for groups that are pretty deep in the underground. Lolisyn comes to mind as a cautionary tale, as they did a full reboot that worked out, reached their apex, and then tried again and just kind of splatted. It all depends on whether the wota can be brought along for the ride as willing participants.

That’s right: Wota are going to have to buy in on the right side of the change commitment curve!

I wanted to do this whole thing with the members’ responses and the usual jazz, but I don’t have the energy, gang. Not today. Instead, I think Andrew speaks for all of us:

2 thoughts on “And HAMIDASYSTEM’s Dissolving Too

  1. I guess maybe they’ve followed through an arc of creativity to a logical end, and the producer/writer/musicians want to go in a different direction.
    Still sucks though.

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