A Uniquely Hierarchical Friday Fun

I don’t even need to do an introduction this week. Fig already won #HomicidolsFanficDay. Just- just read it. This deserves to be published in hardback and a movie adaptation titled Idol Is Dead ” to be screened at Cannes. Amazing.

I just got back from Hyper Japan as I write this and I’m exhausted, my back aches, I think being hit in the face by Ladybeard’s pigtails must have erased my brain or something, because I can’t really think this week. So I’m bringing back something dumb I came up with a while back.

See, I have the theory that an oshi can be categorized into three different mindsets:

  • The oshi you want to marry
  • The oshi you want to be best friends forever with
  • The oshi you want to take to Disneyland and buy them ice cream

Sometimes these oshis can cross over into multiple categories (such as the oshi you want to marry and also take to Disney), but those are the main ones. So, I made an alignment chart for this:

This week’s Fun is simple. Fill the chart with your oshis! (or if you only have one oshi like “true” idol fans, tweet whatever alignment you most associate with that oshi, or just fill the chart with members of your favourite group). I want to know which category your favourites are! Tweet the results with #OshiAlignment, I really want to see how you categorize your best girls!